Professional Chute Cleaning Services

Professional chute cleaning and unblocking services across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Regular Chute Servies

Regular system cleanse:

A full trash chute system cleanse includes:
  • Site inspections
  • Photography for your FREE service report
  • Garbage chute cleaning
  • Hopper door cleaning
  • Compactor cleaning
  • Collection room cleaning
  • Bin cleaning
  • FREE Service Report

No obligation

Custom or once-off free inspections with no obligations are welcome.

Blocked chute?

Our 24/7 on-call staff will remove the toughest blockages any time you need.

  • Inspection Report
  • Trash Chute Clean
  • Hopper Door Clean
  • Compactor Clean
  • Collection Room Clean
  • Bin Clean
  • Service Report
Contact us to customise the service or recieve a demo service report.

BOOK SERVICEAfter every service you receive a FREE personalised service report.

FREE Inspection Reporting

Personal reports

Chute professionals will inspect your trash chute system, with cleaning services quoted as needed. If no services are needed a free follow-up inspection is scheduled. Reports are sent conveniently to your email for your records.

Regular inspections

Opt into our FREE regular reporting programme to stay ahead of residential complaints and costly damages. Our team periodically inspects your site and quotes services as they are needed.

Once-off inspection:

Unsure of your trash chute needs? Book a once-off free inspection or call our chute professionals for a chat.

  • A short professional analysis
  • All relevant photographs
  • Date of needed services
  • Cost of needed services

Contact us to recieve a demo inspection or service report.

BOOK FREE INSPECTIONNot sure what service you need? Talk to a chute professional

We go the extra mile


Our chute experts are always looking to improve our service quality. Ask about the innovative deoderizing packages we provide to help improve your residents' relationship with the chute.

Competitive pricing:

Our competitors are often over-priced. Call us to negotiate.


Opt into our FREE inspection programme and never worry about your chute again. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

  • Deoderiser package
  • 2 FREE Unblocking Call-outs
  • Personalised Service Report
  • FREE Periodic Chute Updates
  • 24/7 Chute Unblocking Call-outs
  • Negotiable price
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • and more...
Contact us to customise the service or recieve a demo service report.

CUSTOM JOBRequest a custom service tailored to your needs

A Fresh Chute Is Important

A dirty chute is an unhealthy chute, and if your trash chute smells, it needs professional attention. Every chute is different and our team of experts are waiting on-call to inspect and diagnose your chutes.

A fresh chute is important because it:

  • Keeps tenants happy and apartments full
  • Minimises long-term maintenance costs
  • Removes pest, bug and rodent problems
  • Lengthens chute and chute door life
  • Removes grease build-up and potential fire hazards
  • Eliminates trash room odors
  • Minimises risk of blockage
  • Reduces chances of black mold

Don't just take our word

See what we have done for clients just like you.

Regular chute cleaning

West End

Regular chute cleaning


Regular chute cleaning

Kangaroo Point

Regular chute cleaning


How it works!

Simple and transparent.

Step 1: Book

Call, email or use our online form to book a free inspection.

Step 2: Free Inspection

We inspect the location for free and quote the needed services.

Step 3: Service

Our trusted & experienced cleaning professionals perform the needed services.

Step 4: Review

We send you a service report and request feedback. Whether you’re thrilled or notice areas to improve, we'd love to hear about it.

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